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Are you a dietitian in private practice looking for ways to grow, connect, and recharge? Attending a retreat specifically designed for dietitians like you can be a transformative experience. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should join a dietitian retreat and how it can benefit your private practice.

Top 5 Reasons to Join a Retreat For Dietitians


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Transitioning from a solo private practice to a group practice can be both exciting and daunting. Having navigated this journey myself, I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. Here are my key considerations and best practices for expanding your practice. 1. Hire Within Your Niche When I hired my first dietitian, I made the […]

Expanding to a Group Practice: Key Considerations and Best Practices

Group Practice, Private Practice

Starting a private practice as a dietitian is both an exciting and challenging endeavor. When I opened NW Pediatric & Family Nutrition in September 2015, I embarked on a journey that has taught me invaluable lessons. Here are some key learnings from my experience over the past nine years. 1. Embrace Technology Early On In […]

Key Learnings from My Journey in Private Practice

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