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With a career spanning over 26 years in dietetics and almost a decade in private practice, I bring a wealth of experience and a passion for helping fellow dietitians succeed. My journey began as a clinical pediatric dietitian, where I developed a deep understanding of pediatric nutrition, feeding clinics, and eating disorder programs. I later transitioned into private practice and founded NW Pediatric & Family Nutrition, which has grown into a thriving group practice with seven dedicated dietitians.

Meet Katharine Jeffcoat, Your Dietitian Coach

With a strong desire to return to my passion for working with families and providing direct patient care, I founded NW Pediatric & Family Nutrition in the fall of 2015, starting with an office in Portland, Oregon. By 2017, I expanded to a second office in Vancouver, Washington. In 2020, anticipating a move to Bend, Oregon, I began transitioning to a group practice by adding two team members while maintaining our Portland and Vancouver offices.

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we shifted to virtual consultations and saw a significant increase in demand for our services. In response, I added two more team members at the end of 2021. Today, our practice has grown to include seven dietitians who provide both virtual and in-person care across our Portland, Vancouver, and Bend locations.

How Did I Get Here...

Weight Inclusive


Teen Eating Disorders

Measuring KPI's


Building Systems




Starting Group Practice

Growing Private



Insurance Basics



Imposter Syndrome 

Vision Boards

Morning Routines

Work Life Balance

My Mission... 

is to empower dietitians to achieve their professional dreams through personalized coaching, expert supervision, and transformative retreats. I believe in a compassionate, nurturing approach that builds confidence and fosters growth.

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