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At KJ Dietitian Coaching, we offer comprehensive coaching and supervision services designed to support dietitians at every stage of their career. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to succeed in private and group practice.

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Starting your own practice can be overwhelming. We provide personalized guidance to help you navigate the challenges and set a strong foundation for success. From business planning to client management, we’re here to support you every step of the way.

Private Practice Coaching:

Expanding your practice requires strategic planning and effective team management. Our coaching services will help you develop and implement strategies to grow your team, enhance your services, and achieve sustainable growth.

Group Practice Growth:

Specializing in pediatric nutrition and ARFID, we offer expert supervision to ensure you provide the highest level of care. Our supportive approach will help you build your expertise and confidence in these specialized areas.

Supervision in Pediatric Nutrition and ARFID:

Weight Inclusive


Teen Eating Disorders

Measuring KPI's


Building Systems




Starting Group Practice

Growing Private



Insurance Basics



Imposter Syndrome 

Vision Boards

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I am a non-diet, weight inclusive dietitians and work best when supporting others with the same philosophy.   

About My Approach & Philosophy

— Sarah Duon, MS, RD

"I am so grateful to Katharine's shared experience and guidance to help me grow my business, Renew Nutrition Therapy, to include additional dietitians. After our session, I am looking forward to using her counsel to create what I hope to be a thoughtful, caring, and thriving business. Thank you for your suggestions and resources and for the boost of confidence!"

Marli Williams-Coach, Inspirational Speaker and retreat leader

Katharine, You are so incredibly brilliant and such a BadAss Biz Owner.  I love your heart and your passion for growth.  Everything you create is going to be incredible. 

Erica Branz, RDN,LD - Owner of Branz Nutrition

As a fellow business owner and colleague of Katharine, I am continually impressed by her unwavering dedication to our shared mission of promoting health and well-being in the community.

Katharine's expertise in pediatric and family nutrition is second to none, and her commitment to providing exceptional care to her clients is truly commendable. Her approach is not only evidence-based but also deeply compassionate, ensuring that each individual receives the personalized support and guidance they need to thrive. I highly recommend this practice knowing the love and dedication that has gone into building it.


90 minute intensive
Deep dive into a specific topic

6 month package



3 month package

Each package includes two 55-minute coaching sessions over zoom monthly with email follow-up on goals for clarification between sessions.  


Investment: $1,250 for 10 sessions

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Investment: $750 for 6 weeks

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